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Cecilia MoSze Tham

Cecilia Tham is an award-winning futurist, working in the intersection of Science, Technology, Strategy and Design, focusing on tackling the unknown and building better intentional futures for all. 

She is the CEO and co-founder Futurity Systems, which provide Futures-as-a-Service, by bridging the 3 pillars of science, design and business, to Fortune 500 Companies and governments agencies worldwide.

Cecilia is currently a Phd candidate as well as an adjunt professor at Illinois Institute of Technology - Institute of Design

As a serial entrepreneur, she founded several companies such as MOB, a collaborative co-working community, FabCafe Barcelona, an initiative that brings digital fabrication tools to the everyday environment of a coffee shop.   Allwomen.tech is an training school for women by women to build the next generation of women and tech.

Oli Shaw
Global Senior Director
BCG Designer Studio

“Cecilia gave a fantastic, inspiring, mind-opening talk to my global team of 460 people at BCG Design Studios. There was a lively and engaging Q&A; she left us all feeling truly inspired by what is next, what is possible, and the role design futures plays in changing the status quo.

I would strongly recommend any organisation to bring Cecilia into to talk, discuss and inspire their people!”

Lloyd Gozzett
Founder - FourpointX
“I got the chance to see Cecilia present at the Museum of the Future in Dubai back in February 2023, and it was an amazing experience. This wasn't your everyday presentation - Cecilia brought something totally different to the table, something incredibly special.

Cecilia has a unique way of blending science, tech, and engineering into a story about the future that gets people really excited. Her perspective and insights on how to design compelling futures are engaging and inspiring. With her infectious energy and creative stories (we love Herbie!) she encourages everyone to step outside their box and think about the limitless possibilities.

Cecilia is a trailblazer in the world of future thinking - a beacon of hope and possibility. Her ideas are transforming how we think about the future and inspiring today's and tomorrow's leaders to create a better world.

If you get a chance to hear her speak or work with her, grab it with both hands.”

Chetan Choudhury
Former Advisor
Prime Minister's Office - UAE

“Cecilia is a powerful speaker - great presence, poise and absolute command over her topic with clarity of thought. Her talk that we hosted in Dubai sometime back was the highlight of our session. She is a a treat to work and interact with. Futures as a service is an intriguing and impactful concept - I look forward to her pioneering contribution to this space.”

Minsoo Park
Principal Partner at EY
“Cece is a fellow Futurist full of fascinating ideas and the ability to execute on them. An excellent speaker/presenter, brilliant brainstorming partner and an optimistic soul. She is a person who deeply loves ideas and improving situations for all. I love working with her!”

Jonah Normand
Senior Manager AutoDesk
“Insightful, engaging, and entertaining... Her experience and passion resulted in a great experience for the conference attendees and opened their eyes to the radical changes driven by Industry 4.0.”

Dan Silveira
Strategic Foresight Guild at IBM

“Cecilia is a wonderfully passionate and informative knowledge expert in the field of strategic foresight design. It was our pleasure having her as a guest speaker during the IBM Strategic Foresight Guild Speaker Series this year, which our attendees all left feeling inspired and excited about the future.”